The mysterious Templars of Munich

They are without a doubt a one-of-a-kind source for conspiracy theories, mystery stories and adventure- and Indiana Jones fans: The Templars:

A somewhat secretive yet powerful Knight Order, responsible for crusades during the Middle Ages and in possession of some very famous relics – and disbanded by Pope Clement V in 1312. Since then, the church has stated over and over again, that there has never been an official successor of the Templars and that they’re non-existing today.

However, many legends are told that Templars are still amongst us. Powerful as always, even with connection to the Freemasonry. And then I heard rumors about the Templars having a base right in the middle of Munich. A monastery, occupied by 13 monks and 13 nuns (as to symbolize Jesus Christ and his 12 followers), still living in secret and according to the rules of the Templars. It’s also said that they’re taking care by a feeding of the poor in the winter.

It was snowing yesterday. So I visited the place today.

(I hope you pardon the pathetic soundtrack – I just couldn’t resist.)

No doubt: These are the Templars. There is their symbolism everywhere, including the cross formée waving on flags in the cold winter’s breeze. And then, there really were people waiting for a possible feeding outside their magnificient building. A little later, I could even see people walking between the building and their garden. And no, they didn’t wear any robes and just seemed pretty normal. However, according to religious sects adviser of Munich, only their abbot is allowed to talk to the public. I decided not to film the poor, but believe me, they were there.

While I didn’t have the feeling that something extraordinary, that might affect our daily life, was taking place inside this monastery in secret, it’s still strange to see a form of Christianity said to be dead for over 700 years still alive and well right in front of my door. How and why did they survive? What is so special about the Templars that they’re active, even after they’ve been disbanded by the Pope? And above all: Where did they get the money for such an amazing villa in the most expensive place in Germany?

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