Autumn is a second spring

Despite the great weather, I didn’t have had the chance to go on a regular hike in the mountains. But I still couldn’t resist going for a walk during the evening sun, for 2 1/2 hours today. I decided to walk a little on the „M-Wasserweg“ (Munich Water Trail). The trail is developed by the Munich water supply company and follows the water from its spring to the city.

Just walking through the forest with its amazing autumn colours with nothing special on my mind, I found it rather surprising to find some very pastoral spots just along the route. The pilgrimage chapel „Nüchternbrunn“ pops up out of nowehre (and within nowhere) and offers some quiet, stress-relieving space including a small hut. The tower of „Taubenberg“ offers nice views over Munich on the one side, and the Alps on the other.

Considering the area and trail was just 25 minutes from my city home and it was a fabulous sunny Saturday, I was mirthful to have a really peaceful time with close to no-one ever coming my way. I did take some of the less frequent side-trails, though. If you’re in for an evening walk or don’t have much time, feel free to check this one out, as you’re there quickly and it still feels like you’ve left the city far behind (just don’t take the car or bicycle trails).

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