Today: Disneyland Paris and VIP-Tour

I haven’t been here for over 7 years.

The last time, I was a little bit disappointed of  how bad the park looked compared to its brothers and sisters (and its own opening). However, they’ve been through bad times and I’m curious how much has changed since then. It seems it’s in a better shape now. As we have either Hopper-Tickets or Annual Passports, it’s possible we head over to the Walt Disney Studios if the weather is to bad today.

For the afternoon, Disney VIP relations offered me a german guided tour through the park for our group. Though I know, there won’t be much backstage for Theme Park buffs like us, I still expect many details one would probably miss otherwise. Really looking forward to this tour within the „BastiTour“. 😉

My highlight without a doubt, however, will be the 3D projection of Disney Dreams! (don’t click if you do not want to be spoilered!).

Pity though, there is no real new E-Ticket-Ride in the park since my last visit. But this will change immediately tomorrow, when I finally may check out the Parisian version of Tower of Terror… 😉

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