Disneyland Week VII: Disney Dreams!

„Why the f*ck is there no advertisement about this spectacle anywhere?“, asked me a friend after we had watched Disney Dreams!.

Indeed, like I mentioned already in a recent blogpost, most people miss Disneyland’s special appearance at night, but even more miss the show right before closing the park. For me, seeing Disney Dreams! was the reason why I went there this year in the first place.

When Disney fans hear, that Steve Davison (Vice President of Disney Parades and Spectaculars) is making a new show, they’ll cheer in happiness. What they’ll accomplish is hardly to explain in words and when I spoilered myself with watching the show on Youtube, I feared I might had already seen too much and might be disappointed.

I wasn’t. At the end, we all were stirred, even though I knew what to expect. If you’re just a little bit into nighttime multimedia spectaculars, the ticket price alone is fair enough to encounter this dimension. For me, it justified the whole trip and when my colleagues shouted „Holy crap! What was this?“ at the end, I believe they felt the same. Even Clemens, who practically never comes out of his expert views on colours and lights, seemed to be amazed.

The show includes fireworks, water fountains, fire, music, lasers, lights, mist screens, 3D projects and everything that makes for the Disney magic – particular some of their greatest movies. Watching the show must be a little like what people must have felt when they first saw movies. You just realize that you’ve never been presented a story in a medium like this. Admitted, the show is still rather short compared to some events Davison has pulled of in the States, but nevertheless it feels like it’s going on for ever and ever. Just when you thought, this is the ultimate climax, the show fades into another chapter and while you wonder, how anyone could top what you’ve seen before, it just happens.

Watching this magical events with just little left visitors in the park the during two nights we spent there, it filled me with sadness and goosebumps at the same time. If you consider to see the event, don’t be tricked by pretending you’re probably too tired, too lazy or nothing much might happen anyway at the evening or stay in your hotel like most visitors did. Stay on site until the park closes and watch – you won’t be disappointed. And don’t forget that this is only during the 20th Anniversary season of the resort (I really hope the installation stays on the central plaza for many more shows to come and I’ll be back next year, too!).

I haven’t really caught anything special from the show on tape. Video frames can’t express these dimensions anyway, some aspects where to low-light and many people have filmed it already as well. Nevertheless, I have uploaded some scenes. They’re just a portion of the show, but you’ll probably get the picture. Don’t click this video and be spoilered if you plan to visit the resort anyway:

And if you wan’t to be spoilered even more, there is also a behind the stage video available here (and yes, you even can find the whole show on my blog, but my spoilering-mouth is sealed now).

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