Disneyland Week IV: The Tourguide

As I’ve said already on another blog post, when you „book“ Disneyland-Trip at „BastiTours“, you’ll always get a special treat.

Many Thanks to Juliane who was our Disney cast member guide through the park and showed and explained us many things, we would have overlooked so easily. While without a doubt this is just a daily job for her, it still made me aware of a long missed feeling of Disney magic inside me, that (despite the bad financial situation of the resort) you still can feel if you just remember to care for the details – because after all, the details are still what Disney theme parks differ from any other park on the planet. It also reminded me how much magic can be put into objects, if you just never forget to know their stories, every single one of them. Nearly every single object in this area has a meaning, most of them deeply connected to Walt Disney itself, and that’s why it actually doesn’t really feel fake. It’s much more a cultural monument that deserves to be respected as for what it is – a tremendous concept that gave birth to a whole industry and made millions of people happy.

Thanks a lot for this guided tour. From the arriving at the luxury City Hall over getting in touch with your personal guide and walking through the park at great sunshine until receiving our Disneyland-PINs, this was a very special event and one of my personal highlights on the trip.

Coming up: Some more special treats including dining within the Pirates of the Carribean attraction as well as an exclusive lights-on-stop in a roller coaster. Check it out!


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