Disneyland Week VI: Mini-Impressions

There is really no reason to take your video camera into a theme park resort: Nearly everything regular has been filmed and uploaded to Youtube already, anyway.

So I decided not to capture things on video except several special aspects, I was interested in. Nevertheless, some shots were created just on-the-way, anyway. Before I throw them into the virtual trashcan, I decided, I combine them in this Disneyland-Week post as several loose impressions from our trip. In the middle segment, there is a large portion of the Stunt Show Spectacular, so fast-forward in case you don’t want to be spoiled. At the end, some scenes from my most beloved attractions, Twillight Zone Tower of Terror (no spoilers there, just the queue line).

Stay tuned, as tomorrow, I will show you some very special scenes while attractions stopped and lights went on – just for us!

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